Camp Cedarbliss
by David Patterson

Cedarbliss was originally part of a Mercer County Park system. Obtained by donation from Dr. and Emil Frankel in 1956. The cabin had been built in the 1930's. The back half of the cabin may have been added by Mercer County after 1956. The property was used by the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and even a Trenton Day Nursery service as a summer camp. In 1956 the property donated to Mercer County included the cabin, an outdoor fireplace, plaque describing donation, picnic tables, grill, water pump and comfort station.
In 1976 original County Park was completely surrounded by Washington Crossing Property through successive Green Acre Acquisitions and it became a full part of the State Park, at that time. The Cabin was gone by the time the property became part of the Washington Crossing park
The cabin was at the approximate crossing of the blue and red dot trails on the current Park map.
In addition to the cabin, there was an outbuilding and a large barbecue style fireplace outside and picnic tables. The inside was large enough for a small group of scouts (sleeping inside) and had a large indoor fireplace for the winter cold.
My photos, taken in early 1963, show some of the facilities and activities of my scout troop. We used this facility for our younger scouts as a training exercise before the full winter exposure at Pahaquarra.
In 1963 the facility was in good condition. The cabin/property was used for camping into the early 1970's. It is my understanding that after many years of neglect the cabin burned to the ground, around 1976"

cabin at Cederbliss cabin at Cederbliss
scout demo cabin at Cederbliss

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