Entrance to former Camp Buck
left to right: Harry, Randy, Joe
photo taken April 3, 2004

Another Visit to Camp Buck
George Washington Council

During early 2004, there was a bit of excitement when the grandson of Samuel M. Buck, after reading this website, contacted Doug at the Hunterdon Department of Parks and Recreation. Following a flurry of emails, Doug arranged a visit of Mr. Buck's grandson and family.
On April 3, 2004, Mr. Buck's grandson, his wife, their son (Mr. Buck's great-grandson) and some other close family met with Doug, myself, Rosemary, Harry and Randy. The Buck family gave Doug several albums of photos and some other items of historical interest. Then, we all drove to the site of the former Camp Buck.
What a thrill to be able to walk with Mr. Buck's great-grandson on the same property once owned and developed by Mr. Buck. There were a lot of photos taken during the tour. Then Doug took the Buck's for a tour of High Bridge that featured several places associated with Mr. Buck.

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July 08, 2005