The Camp Buck Sign
George Washington Council

camp sign

Currently hanging in the dining hall at Yards Creek Scout Reservation, this wooden sign was probably a road sign used to direct Scouters to camp. There may have been writing on both sides of the sign. Date and source of the sign are unknown. The photo is courtesy of Tom Delaney.
Just off Route 31 (Route 69 at that time), along the South Branch of the Raritan River near Clinton, NJ, Camp Buck was active sometime around 1914-1974. Camp Buck was part of Delaware Council and later became part of the George Washington Council after the councils merged.
The Reverend Douglas Remer sends the following paragraph.
"You bet there was a Camp Buck. One 'Winter Camp', the ground was so cold that we had to use 10 penny nails as stakes for the tents. The next morning I woke up outside of my tent -- we were on a hill and I had slid out of the tent because of the ice beneath us! Another time, a Troop 11 Father and Son weekend, we went swimming in the river. We had a tire on the end of a rope and swung way out over the water before dropping off. Of course, my memories of Pahaquarra are even more vivid. How about the summer of 1966, when there was a fire on the mountain above camp and so many of the snakes were forced down."

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December 20, 2003