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Map of Camp Buck
George Washington Council

There is not much to see at the camp besides trees and brush. Enter the former camp by driving past Camp Carr, over the bridge and immediately look to the left. You will see a small parking area and a sign. Follow the path up the hill.
The map shows the approximate location of past camp facilities. The most noticeable feature of the camp, the high bluffs along the river, are shown as a blackened area along the river. Only the pavilion is still standing, but is starting to deteriorate. Could be a great Eagle project to renovate the structure.
Details of the map were provided by Charles T. Tart, from his memories of camping as a Scout during the 1950s. He does not remember the pavilion and I believe it was constructed after Charles was with the scouts. Charles reports that the cabin fireplace was located at the road side of the cabin, with the cabin door on the opposite end, toward the camp fire.
On our April 2004 visit, with Rosemary, Doug and several other people, we were able to locate the two stone slabs where the latrine stood and the location of the pump. We also located, most unexpectly, a stone foundation, perhaps 6 x 6 (foot) in front of the pavillion.
Hunterdon County Parks and Recreation acquired the Camp Buck property in 1974 as open space along the South Branch of the Raritan River. The park extends along the river front, on both sides of the former Camp Buck, with a small trail system available for public use. Hunterdon County YMCA Camp Carr is across the river from Camp Buck.
Camp Buck, 11.39 Acres
600 foot frontage on the river
Pine Hill Road to the north of the camp
Raritan River to the southeast of the camp
Note: Follow the park trail, past the camp on the campfire side, and along the river to find a wonderful point to look at the river, way down below you. The view across the valley is magnificant.

April 20, 2004