More Memories of Camp Buck
by james Edgar Morgan

In 1951,during Easter vacation, Troop 18 went to Camp Buck on either Monday or Tuesday after Easter. Teddy Tart's mother and Jerry Travis's mother drove us up and dropped us off. We normally hung out in the lean to, but we decided to use the cabin as it was empty. We gathered as much wood as possible to burn in the fireplace as it was beginning to look like rain. On Wednesday it began to rain. On Thursday, it poured. And, on Friday when we woke up, the water was up to the level of the deck of the bridge crossing the Raritan River. The area where the YMCA camp is located, was totally under water.
If you don't think a few boy scouts weren't somewhat bewildered, you're wrong. We were expecting to be picked up on Saturday afternoon to make the return trip to Trenton, but with the high water, the road was impassable. We knew we could walk out the back way to the upper road, but we didn't know where it went. Worse, we didn't know how we were going to communicate with the drivers, since they would be at least a quarter a mile away, assuming there were no other roads under water coming to Camp Buck.

On Friday nights, we waded across the water to the auction and told the people who lived next to the auction house that we were okay. We then returned to camp. The water was probably knee high. No one fell down or was swept away and we did not have to tie ourselves together.
About nine o'clock the following morning, Saturday, we heard some noise from the other side of this flood zone. And, lo and behold, a motorcycle came across this flooded road, through the shallow water of possibly three inches in depth. It was my brother, Donald checking up on us. By afternoon when the rides were scheduled to arrive, the road into Camp Buck had only a few small puddles.
Note: I hope to add some photos to the two pages by Jim sometime soon. We are planning a trip to Camp Buck to look for remnants of the old camp.

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December 20, 2003