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Bucks County Council owned Camp Buccou in roughly the same area as Camp Buck, from 1928 to 1940. There was some thought that these two camps, Camp Buck and Camp Buccou, might actually be the same site. However, it is now clear that these camps are NOT one and the same, although they are close to each other in Hunterdon County.
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"When the Bucks County Council was formed in 1927, one of the first considerations was the securing of a suitable camp. A committee under the chairmanship of Henry Palmer visited about thirty-three sites within a 100 mile radius of Bucks County, finally choosing one seven miles north of Flemington, New Jersey and located on the Rariton River. The camp was called Buccou (Buc for Bucks and Cou for County)."
"Camp Buccou was occupied until 1940 and held numerous summer camps. The Doylestown Kiwanis Club had a building put up at Camp Boccou to be used as a Craft Lodge. Meals were served in a large tent and campers could stay for the entire summer (as was the way at the time)."  (by permission Bucks County Council)

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Thanks to several Scouters from Bucks County Council and to Doug Kiovsky, Hunterdon Parks and Recreation, for their assistance with this research. The former Camp Buccou is now on private property and is not open to the public

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